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Lloyd 1

Cory Lloyd Period 1 WHH 7 April 2014 Gandhi Mohandis K. Gandhi is one of the most remembered leader ever. The main reason he is remembered is because of his peaceful tactics which influenced many future leaders. These leaders used his tactics and even quoted him in difficult times to show that peacefulness will work. The most well recognized man that was influenced by Gandhi was Martin Luther King Jr. Over all, Gandhi influenced his country by using Satyagraha and civil disobedience which later spread to influence the world. Gandhi first emerged after the Amritsar Massacre where British troops had killed about 400 peaceful Indian protestors. After the troops were not convicted for their crimes, Gandhi had decided to become the leader for the Indian people. He showed the people how they could use Satyagraha in order to gain their independence. For instance, he put a boycott on all British clothing and showed the people of India how to make their own clothing.

He stated that if they are not going to be treated like one of their citizens then they should not have to abide by Britians rule. (Document 1) This statement was used as fuel to boycott other things that British imposed high taxes on. The first major march was known as the salt march. Britain was increasing taxes on salt since the Indian people refused to buy clothing and factory goods from the British. This march included many Indian people to march 240 miles until they got to the coast to make their own salt. This caused Britain to become angry and eventually 60,000 Indian people were arrested including Gandhi. Eventually Britain could no longer avoid this problem and gave them their independence. This showed the people of India and other future leaders that they...