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Awareness of Synesthesia 1

Awareness of Synesthesia

Birvaben Patel


July 15, 2014


Synesthesia came from a Greek word which means "joined perception." Smell, touch, vision, taste, and hearing, all five senses somehow connected to each other in Synesthesia. While observing one object, synesthetic experiences two or three different senses at the same time. This neuron-connectivity changes the perception to perceive the reality. No only it changes the perception, but it also affects the social skills. By using Synesthesia as a useful tool than it can make the synesthetic genius. However, if it conflicts the personality of the synesthetic than synesthetic has to learn the way to organize their thoughts. School can play major role in bringing the awareness of Synesthesia.

Awareness of synesthesia

The human psychology associates with complicated, but incredibly essential body part, brain. Different structural complication in brain generates vivid sensory perceptions. Synesthesia is one of those conditions of brain where the stimulation of one sense may provoke the activation of other senses.

Synesthetic distinguishes their surrounding in a different way from other individuals. It is not an outcome of random imagination, but a consequence of enlarged neuron connectivity. Synesthesia especially, grapheme color synesthesia alters the social behavior which attached to some positive and negative consequences.

There are many different types of synesthesia but, Grapheme color synesthesia is one the major types of synesthesia. Many individuals perceives the specific sensational feelings with certain letters, numbers, or even music. This linguistic symbols associated with some styles of "form, spatial arrangement, transparency, solidity, intensity, and nuance" (Campen, 2009). Therefore, whenever synesthetic observe a specific letter for example letter 'B' then they might linked is as intelligent animal or salty water. The question comes up that why there are two dissimilar answers for same letter? "[N]o two people's set...