Gandhi's Journey to Nonviolence

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Religious Studies



Gandhi's Journey to a Nonviolent World

"I am but a seeker after the truth. I claim to have found a way to it. I claim to be making a ceaseless effort to find it. But I admit that I have not found it. To find truth completely is to realize oneself and one's destiny, to become perfect. Realizing truth means realizing that all human beings are one."(84) Gandhi sates that he has not completely found the truth but has grown to know what truth really means. His mission until his assassination is to find what truth really means. Gandhi said that truth is God. Being able to grow and live with truth is the same as growing, knowing and living with God in your life. That's why truth was such a major concept Gandhi's life. God was the essence of his existence. Everything in life was for God and in order to live a life for him, you need to find truth in your own life.

In accepting God, you are accepting to strive for a life of truth. Like Gandhi said, "to find truth completely was to become perfect." To become perfect was more like a sense of becoming whole, one with God and not with human, worldly desires. He searched his whole life to find the meaning but admitted he never truly did. Never once did he state that he found it's true meaning, but he admitted failure but to show how imperfect human life is and how it's a journey to know truth, just like when you accept God into your life. Through his journey, Gandhi's knowledge of truth and God grew and he achieved it by living a life of nonviolence and peace.

In his journey of finding truth, Gandhi made...