Gandhis views on wepons, political power, and religon (what would gandhi think) the legend of gandhi

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What Would Gandhi Think

Gandhi did some amazing things in leading the world a few steps closer to peace and he did all this with out resorting to violence. His actions and sayings have done much for this world and are still having effect today. Gandhi was a leader so it is time to take a look at what would Gandhi think (WWGT) with such sayings as, "All human beings do not think alike or feel alike. They have therefore no escape from having to encounter differences. Differences can lead to intolerance, intolerance can lead to confrontation, and hostile confrontation can, does often, lead to conflict...They act and interact on the individual as well as the institutions that he fashions or lives under, and the "forces" that they generate and employ for bringing about change or resisting change. The problems that arise from these inter-relationships cannot be solved by saying that conflicts are inevitable in the life of the individual and society."

This quote still takes effect today and even though some say conflict is inevitable Gandhi showed through his actions that the conflict does not have to be solved by violence. With that said its time to see what Gandhi would think and get a little feel of spending a day with this little man who brought so much, With his views on nuclear weapons, religion, and political power.

Gandhi's views on nuclear weapons are clear that he is against it, but his opinion is of lesser importance, what he said to help try and persuade nations for peace rather than weapons that is of more importance. "Science and technology have given us weapons that individuals or groups can use to cause mass destruction, wipe out vast populations and inflict death and suffering on generations that may survive or...