Gang Activities And There Results

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Introduction Background Gangs have been present in many communities all over the world for as long as anyone can remember. Although there are steps to stop gangs or prevent gang activity, gangs are still present to this day. Most of the time it takes a murder or a serious injury from gang violence for someone to take action against these gang members. Gang members cause many problems in communities which bring everyone down.

Purpose of Report The purpose of this report is to discuss gang activities and the effects these activities have on the community.

Scope This report will focus on Graffiti's affiliation with gangs including Drug dealings involvement in gangs; reasons for graffiti and drug dealing; what they bring to the gang, and the effects of these activities on the community.

Discussion Graffiti's Affiliation with Gangs Graffiti's Purpose Graffiti is a certain type of art form mostly used by gangs.

It is created by spray painting a phrase, letters, or numbers onto a wall or anything that can be seen by the public or other gangs. (See figure 1.) According to Professor Arthur Eisenbuch, Juvenile Delinquency Professor, graffiti has many purposes when used by gangs. For one it can be used to mark territory. Gang members often roam in one part of a neighborhood and call it their "turf". If another gang or member of a different gang is seen on their turf, then there will be a scuffle of some sort between the two rivals. Graffiti is a way of telling other gang members that they should not be in this part of town. (Eisenbuch) This art form can also be used in a somewhat of a positive way. Instead of warning off gangs members, some types or graffiti can be used to show mourning to the loss...