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GANGS A gang is a group of people who spend most of their time with each other, and do a lot of things together. Most people think gangs are bad, when people here the word gang the usually think of a group of people who do bad things, but that's not true. There is a such thing as a good gang like just a bunch of friends who talk with each other. That doesn't mean that there doing something bad.

If you are going to join a gang you be sure that it's a good gang. If it's a not then you shouldn't even bother. It's not very much fun getting it to trouble.

When people join "bad" gangs they probably think there doing something cool but its really not. When people join different "good" or "bad" gangs there most likely joining then because they like having a lot of friends.

It's good to be apart of a group, you get to interact with others and talk about important things or just nothing. If you are a member of a group you should still be able to do things as an individual. You should talk to different people besides the same group everyday.