How gangs are portrayed in the media

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Gangs are portrayed on TV and in the movies as if they are totally evil, but in reality there are more positive aspects that are not shown. The media only shows gangs involved with drugs and the violence, and as a result the media has scared many people into believing that gangs will take over our cities if we do not stop them. The movie Colors and the TV show American Justice overwhelmingly portrays gangs as bad.

The movie Colors displays the bad things in gangs like how easy it could be to join a gang and to distribute the drugs for them. This movie portrays the working of a gang in California.. The movie also showed how the older gang members got the younger members to go out and sell the drugs for them. The idea behind this was that if the younger person was to get caught there would be a lesser chance that they would rat on the main dealer and they would get a lesser punishment, as juveniles.

In the movie they always show you the parts of the gangs running from the police or doing something bad like the drugs and violence. What the movie does not show you how the gangs contributed to the society or if they did where is it then. The movie was based on the fact that gangs are bad and that is how they showed it.

A TV program called America Justice, talks about the gangs negatively. They just show the bad parts of being in gang. In an interview they had with a former gang member, and all they seem to ask him was questions on the illegal aspects of the gang. The person doing the interview asked him how his gang got the younger kids to sell...