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1. Floor plan: According to the layout of the floor plan for this section (Fresh) of Express. There are some different types of skirts and dresses are hanged on different locations. Merchandises in the wall are only have two types of tops (long and short sleeves cotton ribbed Tee) that are folded or hanged. Like the walls, merchandises on the floor are also displays by showing variation of merchandises with fixtures, T-stands, rectangular-stands, and four- way stands. There are only two types of ribbed tees are on the wall, and some dresses are hanged under the tees. In front of the section there are 4 mannequins display some of the dresses, and those merchandise are on the back. The rest of other dresses are hand on the both T-stands, 4-way-stands and rectangular stand. Hanged merchandises are size smallest to largest from right to the left or from front to back while folded merchandises are size smallest to largest from top to bottom.

On the left-hand side of this store¡¦s section. It has 2 dressing rooms at first, mirror in the middle, another dress room by followed, an emergency exit on the back. On the right-hand side, there is other section of the store.

In the Fresh section, merchandises in the walls are folded and hanged and shown in cotton rib tee with short sleeves of hot red, and white, long sleeves of dark blue and black. And some of the dresses are hanging under the tops, which are 3 style of 4 different color floral dress. It has soft fit a- and ¡Vshare with wide straps. Button front whit/blue/orange/yellow /green. The merchandise on the floor are carried by 9 fixture, 6 T-stand, 2 for 4-way-stands and a rectangular-stand.

¡P T-stands and 4-ways are used to hold: ~ Striped twin set...