Gap Analysis: Global Communications

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Faced with increasing scrutiny Global Communications has forged, and publicized, a new business strategy, with hopes of revitalizing its once strong profitability stature in the communications market. Senior management and Global Communications' Board of Directors vision of what this recently approved strategy can provide to the organization's future fails in several areas to take into account the impact it will have on Global Communications' self proclaimed 'edge', its people. In developing a 'big picture' strategy the senior leadership of Global Communications has fallen into the trap where they 'fail to apply imagination to their strategy-making. This is a critical error, since strategies developed without imagination will rarely go beyond simple extrapolation, and will not anticipate or allow for disruptive events' (Hill, 1991). This is where Global Communications finds itself, in the infancy of a new strategy that will either help close the distance between themselves and their competitors or plunge the organization further into profitability despair.

Situation AnalysisIssue and Opportunity IdentificationGlobal Communications finds the gap between themselves and their competition expanding at an alarming rate. To offset this competitive disadvantage senior management has introduced, and received swift approval of from the Broad of Directors, a new strategy that Global communications believes with increase profitability, expand customer base and improve Global Communications' brand recognition. The multi-facet strategic outlook calls for an aggressive international marketing plan, an expansion of their current services through new alliances and the reduction of cost through outsourcing. The latter has failed to exhibit hierarchical communication (Kinicki & Kreitner, 2004) through Global Communications' stakeholder channels; not all of the key parties directly impacted by a change in direction were not involved in the new strategy's development. Now with Board of Directors' approval of the plan and the public announcement that of Global Communications' intentions to move...