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IntroductionIn this paper I will present Gap Analysis for Kuiper Leda Inc based on the detailed issues and opportunities presented in the given simulation. Using the Gap Analysis Template, I will prepare this paper after completing Table 1, Table 2, Table 3, and will perform a gap analysis for Kuiper Leda. I will also incorporate appropriate citations from week four readings.

Company ProfileKuiper Leda Inc (KLI) is an electronics components manufacturer based in the Republic of Novamania. The company specializes in the manufacture of Electronic Component Units (ECU) and sensors for the automotive industry. According to the simulation, the 10-year-old company began with an investment of 100 million, and has grown into a 400 million-revenue company this year.

Kuiper Leda Inc has an assemly plant that assembles ECUs and a production line dedicated to microchips. KLI has been working with smaller customers and has a daily capacity of 12,50 units for ECUs and 250 units for RFIDS.

Although KLI is smaller than its competitors, but still it is known for quality and delivery responsiveness. This industry is highly competitive and thrives on repeat orders and supplier relations.

Kuiper Leda's competitors have an edge because they have a very strong supplier base and repeat orders from the customers. Their customers are large OMSs who place bulk orders, which eventually create economies of scale.

Situation AnalysisIssue and Opportunity IdentificationKLI has recently entered into another product line i.e Radio Frequency Identification Devices ( RFID). They now have installed a new production line for RFID Tags. The line has been in operation for nearly six months. As a result, Kuiper Leda, Inc has made significant progress in the international market.

Midland Motors, an American Original Manufacturer Equipment company (OEM) has recently placed a large order for Electronics Component Units (ECU) and Radio Frequency Identification...