Gap Analysis: Riordan Manufacturing

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In an effort to execute the triple threat of increasing sales, boosting financial profitability while maintaining employee morale through motivation and compensation, Riordan Manufacturing has decided to redesign the organizational strategy to cater to the employee's motivational needs through compensation. Riordan Manufacturing has suffered from declining sales over the past two years and has identified a new business plan to implement a customer-relationship management system, which would aid in gaining financial stability. The inception implementation of the new business plan placed attention on the diminishing employee morale and declining retention. The execution of the new business concept will cause the organization to re-evaluate its human resource system, which includes its reward and compensation system.

Impelled by the need to rise from the depths financial decline, Riordan Manufacturing must identify the issues that are at the root of the diminishing employee satisfaction. This analysis will examine the organizational strategies of each department within Riordan Manufacturing including the issues and opportunities of the current situation, the stakeholders' perspectives, the end state goals and vision and the gap analysis.

The key stakeholders were listed discussing the values, interest, and rights of each group of stakeholders. Next, the end-state vision and goals were discussed illustrating a personal perspective on the outcome of the revamping process and goals that were incepted to increase employee morale through compensation and motivation. Finally, the gap analysis discusses the company's future status as well as how the goals that will be used in order for Riordan Manufacturing to progress.

Situation AnalysisIssue and Opportunity IdentificationSeveral underlying issues exist that lead to the major issue; declined employee retention. Riordan Manufacturing has decided to implement changes within their organizational sales strategies that would increase profitability and bring them from the depths of financial demise. However, the new changes brought about issues that...