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Gap Analysis: Riordan Manufacturing

Kakela Hall

University of Phoenix


Gap Analysis: Riordan Manufacturing

Riordan has recently began several changes in response to declining sales and uneven profits. The implementation of these changes has negatively affected employee morale and employee retention numbers are down. As a result, there has been a survey done by the company that can elevate employee morale and help the company introduce a more competitive pay system to retain key employees. "The pay system can be a powerful mechanism for encouraging and supporting a variety of alternative employee behaviors, such as individual goal achievement, or teamwork, cooperation, and quality improvement." (Dreher & Dougherty, 2001, p 78)

The demand for a better reward system is one of the top priorities for Riordan Manufacturing. Yes! "An organization's reward system serves both internal and external functions.

The internal benefits include increased job performance, decreased absenteeism and decreased turnover. Externally, the organization is able to attract better people" (Buhler, 2007). This paper will explore the issues that company is currently facing and the possible initiatives it can undertake to address the problem in most effective way.

Issue and Opportunity Identification

There are many issues identified in the Employee Satisfaction this doesn't need capitalizing survey that reveal what employees are currently unsatisfied with and what they would like to see changed in the company. The main issues are concerned with the reward s and HR systems. Riordan Manufacturing has recently undergone a structural change as a result of declining sales and uneven profits. To ensure the financial well being company, segments of the company were redesigned to improve certain processes. As these changes were introduced to the company, the company experienced declining employee retention for various...