Gap Inc.: Analysis of the Retail/Specialty Retail Industry

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Gap Inc.: Analysis of the Retail/Specialty Retail Industry

February 11, 2004

Strategic Management (BUS 471)

Executive Summary

Gap Inc. has been doing business, starting in San Francisco, since 1969. As the company grew and expanded, so did the company culture and charity contributions. Breaking through the barriers, and making an name for themselves, they grew to be one of the most world known and respected brands in the apparel industry. With an ever-growing market, staying in touch with their customer and moving forward with their product, this company has proved themselves as a company to contribute to the competition of the retail industry.

With an environmental analysis of the retail/specialty retail industry, it is discovered that culture trends are on a shift with the introduction of the Internet. People's lives continue to grow in business and industries alike must shift to ease the lives of their customers. Economically, it has been harsh the past couple of years with the threat of terrorism and whatnot.

Yet, economist expect a pickup in the first half of 2004 since tax refunds and cuts in capital gains as well as dividend taxes is putting more money into the hands of consumers. Legally, this industry must keep in mind different government regulations as companies start to go global. Fair wages and factories is also a large concern. With the improvement of technology, people are able to order their products off the Internet at any location and time. This is one of the ways companies are adapting to the lives of their occupied customers.

In the industry, the retail industry can be split up into for sections: Distributors, Internet and Catalogue Retail, Multiline Retail and Specialty Retailers. Competitors shift as the actual product line of a company is viewed. This industry is in the mature...