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Gardenburger Advertising Strategy Case Memo

Gardenburger is a producer and marketer of veggie burgers and meat alternative products. The problem they are facing is one that involves a lot of variables. The main thing the company wants is brand recognition. When people think of veggie patties, they want Gardenburger to be the first thing that comes to mind. However, at this time, Gardenburger only claimed 23 percent of the market. The company's main issue was to develop of a plan that would advertise its product in the correct media outlets to the right consumer category, which would in turn lead to a higher market share.

Since Gardenburger is planning to invest more money into television advertising anyway, most solutions are going to involve that outlet for marketing. However, targeting the correct consumer category is also extremely important. One solution would be to go back to targeting the cultural creative customer.

Another solution would be to switch over to the Health Modifiers category permanently and try to turn some heads there.

By targeting the cultural creative customer through a wider-reaching television advertisement plan, it would create the advantage of getting the Gardenburger name out nationally. Cultural creative customers aren't usually bound to either coast like the other categories. Instead, they are located all throughout the country. This would create the opportunity to broadcast these ads directed at your cultural creatives, while also reaching other categories and potentially new markets altogether. Another advantage is that this is a segment that Gardenburgers' main competitors haven't really tapped into with television advertisements. A disadvantage would obviously be cost, as television ads cost a lot more than your average print ad spot. Sticking with the same consumer category that they have targeted in the past might limit Gardenburger from increasing its market share, too. There...