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3 March 2014

Gaspar Enriquez

Gaspas Enriquez: a recognized born and raised artist in El Paso. Thirty years of experience, and his profession as an art teacher have given Gaspar Enriquez a respected name in the heart of art. His works admire the Chicano Texas culture, paintings significant objects of the La Familia, El Barrio and more art displays. Enriquez works exhibit the real Chicano history and popular culture. At the art gallery his biggest portraits in size are 24 feet high, His paintings represent Chicano visions, dignity, support and independent ideas.

His latest work at the Museum of History at El Paso by Gaspar Enriquez: "Metaphors of El Barrio". This exhibition provides a significant vision for people, and the voice of Chicano people communities. Neighborhoods, such as El Segundo Barrio, have been his inspiration; growing up as an artist, his paintings represent metaphors about real life living in the Segundo barrio.

The inspirations used in these paintings are religion, families, Chicano themes, and corruption.

One of Enriquez's recent pieces, called " Generation Of Attitude", depicts a strong truth of faith in the Mexican-American and Catholic culture. The art pieces drawn by Enriquez, represent the violence of struggling Chicanos, the life they face living in a border point Ciudad(Cd) Juarez/ El Paso, violence, deaths relating to criminals, and the drug war among cartels. His ultra-realistic paintings of El Barrio, represent of Chicano culture. One of the paintings catching my attention was "Beginning of an Attitude"; it represents "Los Pachucos" and "Los Cholos". Both ideologies come together, to represent the ideas of the lifestyle passed from generation to generation. The little girl looking right at me, and the dad looking to the side, makes this painting strong, showing what is coming next: new generations with...