Gaston Maspero at Tell El Amarna

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Egypt has baffled historians and archaeologists for hundreds of years.

There have been numerous historians and Egyptologists that have attempted to decode the history of the Ancient Egyptian civilisation.

One such Egyptologist was Gaston Charles Maspero, who deciphered numerous hieroglyphics texts and unlocked many of the Egyptian secrets. Gaston lead excavations at numerous sites across the nation, one such site was Tell El Amarna.

El Amarna is located 350km south of the Egyptian capital of Cairo.

The central area of Amarna is located on the eastern bank of the Nile River and houses multiple modern villages including el-Till and el-Hagg Quandil.

The full site of el-Amarna was originally the capital of ancient Egypt during the reign of Pharaoh Akhenten, temporarily dating back to 1400 BC, replacing Memphis as the capital. The city's reign was short lived though as it was deserted 30 yrs after its construction when the Pharaoh Akentaten died.

Yet this is the likely reason for its well preserved state today.

It was the city's well preserved structures that attracted many archaeologists over the years. But many of the city's mysteries remained unsolved, regardless of the perfectly carved hieroglyphs and statues; nobody had the expertise as to how to decipher them.

When it came to linguistics, translations and decoding, Gaston was a child prodigy, studying all texts on ancient writings since the age of fourteen.

At the age of 21 he deciphered two hieroglyphics texts that no-one else could make sense of for two years. This was the start of a journey that lead him to be one of the top Egyptologists of his time.

Gaston was constantly looking for new challenges to test his skill, this eventually lead him to excavate and study the ruins of el-Amarna.

The excavation of el-Amarna primarily basics methods of manual...