Gates vs. Rockefeller (an epic duel between two huge business moguls)

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Over the years there have been many businesses and businessman. Some have prospered and some have lost everything. But only a select few have ever dominated an entire market and form a true monopoly. The government forbids such businesses but people still strive to achieve such stature. The two true powerhouses of the past 300 years in the business world would undoubtedly be William Henry Gates 3rd and John Davison Rockefeller. Both of these two business geniuses have unique stories about their rise to the top and there fall, by reading this essay you shall gain a better understanding of their stories and dealing...

William Gates was born on October 28, 1955. His family had a history of being good in business and politics. His father was a prominent lawyer and his grandfather a president of a bank. Bill was a naturally gifted child who excelled in every course.

His parents decided to send him to a private school, which had an enormous effect on him, due to the fact he was introduced to computers. It was during his private school years where he met Paul Allen. Allan, Gates and a few other kids, started using computers to write programs but decided that they need someway to practically use the machine in the real world. They got their first chance, by chance when Paul saw a magazine with a picture of a personal computer. He told Gates, who was a student at Harvard, and Decided to call the company and tell them they had written an operating system for the computer. This however was a lie because they didn't even own one of these machines. They had one chance to test the program and it worked perfectly. Gates then dropped out of Harvard and he and Allen started a...