The Gathering.

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How does Nathaniel change in ‘The Gathering’ What factors are the catalyst for his change?Nathaniel changes greatly in the ‘The Gathering’ through all the things that happen to him during the period of the book. He changes from being an immature, friendless, pessimistic and enigmatic boy, to a boy who has friends, understands things and is strong enough to face his past.

Nathaniel situation in the early stages of the novel is that of a boy who believes that there is nothing good in the world, enigmatic. This may be because at times he is so detached to this world, so dehumanized because of what he has experienced or the problems in his life. Things such as having an abusive father, divorce of his parents at an early age, having no male role model, changing schools ever know and then.

He has a very pessimistic view of the world.

This may be due to the fact that he has to change schools so regularly that he hasn’t been able to make friends as seen in the book when he says “New friends? I never had any old ones. We never stayed anywhere long enough.” This lack of true friendship may also provide a reason for his view towards life.

He’s situation is of a boy who needs help to seek his true self, to confront his past. He’s a child who is spoilt by his mother’s protectiveness and believes he’s mature enough to handle everything as seen in the book when Nathaniel says “As a rule I am not the kind of guy who goes in for stories about superheroes from Krypton or talking ducks and dogs. I like National Geographic.” Also the fact that National Geographic is in italics also emphasizes that he believes...