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There was a change in the wind and in an instant the scorching day that filled the world with uncomfortable light had darkened to a faint violet, forcing the melting wind to whisper into a quiet breeze. The hot, weary afternoon had brought great discomfort and the now muttering breeze blew less heavily, more calmly, with a silence and cooling tranquillity, whilst pleading for forgiveness.

Scuttling like a sprightly yellow bug, Gatsby's car darted through the city, hiding within the long stretches of shadows created by over towering buildings and fading sunlight. The fading heat gave invitation and the once empty streets were now alive with festivities as if

Daisy kept her eye peeled to road ahead, dodging…… Gentle tears fell from her eyes; as the heavy rainclouds in her mind recall each agonising detail of her afternoon and as she sped through the city, faster with each teardrop that fell from her redden porcelain like face, she runs from the blackened memory.

Gatsby watches her, deeply and contently ….

The silence is broken "Daisy, darling"

Gatsby's voice was like fire in Daisy's throat, each word worse than the one before

"Daisy, you have to know that I am deeply sorry about my display this afternoon,"

"You see - Tom, he was playing with your emotions, convincing you to believe the /…., I couldn't bear to watch it happened- Darling"

Daisy; whom sped up more and more with each tear that rolled down her flushed porcelain like face, kept her eyes purely on the road ahead as if to be focus, when although her mind was filled with nothing more than each excruciating detail of the afternoon.

Daisy sped up faster and faster as if, trying to leave the excruiciating details of the agternoon in the dust that followed her...