Gatsby: An Outsider

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Happiness and wealth are two major things that people in the world would like to have or acquire. Some people are lucky even to have both happiness and wealth. In Gatsby's case, he had wealth and was hoping his wealth would bring him happiness. Eventually his wealth was his demise. This essay will prove that Gatsby's wealth did not bring him happiness for the following reasons: despite his success he was never accepted by upper-class community, his wealth was a means to win Daisy, the happiness that his money did give him lasted only a few short weeks.

The rich act in a manner that is hard to learn without experience. Gatsby was part of "new money", he had acquired his money and some of his behavior was uncommon to the upper-class community. The upper-class community did not appreciate Gatsby wealth and status. Jealousy and ignorance from people like Tom made Gatsby feel as if he was not wanted.

Gatsby felt uncomfortable and treated like an intruder. He was always considered an outsider looking in.

Money is a powerful lure in a relationship. People factor in a person wealth before marring their future husband or wife. Gatsby wealth was a means to attract Daisy love for him. His money was merely bait for Daisy to catch. The money he had was not making him happy since he was not with Daisy. The money did not bring him happiness but it was a step closer in fulfilling his dreams with Daisy.

Everyone has there great moments, his or her moments of pride and happiness. For some there enjoyable life is a mere week or month but for others it last an entirety.

Gatsby was very happy during a short couple of weeks when he was with Daisy. He had felt as if he had accomplished his goal when he is with her. Gatsby put him in a position where it would be his downfall and death. He tried so hard to be happy and his happiness only lasted a short time. His time and dedication was not worth the result he accomplished. Happiness has to last some time for it to have full effects. Gatsby did achieve some happiness but it was so short that it wasn't even considered as true happiness.

Money can buy a lot of things in the world but it cannot bring happiness upon the possessor. Gatsby had the money but was happy with it since he put himself in a position of downfall. This essay has proved that money cannot bring happiness for the following reasons: Jealousy and ignorance of others upper-class people, money was a bait to catch Daisy, and happiness is measured over long periods of time.