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Society assumes genetically designed people rule society and genes determine an individuals opportunities and their future. Despite being genetically engineered, life might not turn out the way people expect. People who are genetically engineered do not always succeed to what they are expected, while the not so gifted "godchildren" may succeed with possessing defective qualities. There is no gene for fate as some succeed unexpectedly, while others do not live up to expectations. It is up to the individual to put up with the downfalls in life and overcome them to achieve their goals. To an extent, life is biologically predetermined. However, it is up to the individual to decide what there life will develop into and which path they will take to acquire success in life.

Vincent Anton Freeman, an in-valid who is determined to escape his imperfect genetic destiny, succeeds as he drives himself towards his dream of traveling to Titan.

As a young man Vincent always had an objective on becoming an astronaut, against all considerable odds. But underneath that fixation is an ongoing reality of intense physical and emotional struggle as Vincent is an in-valid conceived through spontaneous acts of love rather than being genetically engineered. As an invalid Vincent is disadvantaged, as there are narrow expectations of him as soon as he was born. Eventually Vincent learns that he has rare qualities for an invalid when he and Anton play the game of "chicken". At the point where he could be crushed, Vincent unexpectedly beats Anton in the swimming challenge. As Vincent prevails over Anton, he also had to rescue his valid brother. By rescuing his valid brother Anton, it showed Vincent that invalids could do more and excel more than expected. This made, "everything else possible" for Vincent to accomplish his dreams.