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The film 'Gattaca' written and directed by Andrew Niccola in 1994 is a film about a world where people's genetics make up is modified to become the perfect human being. It is a world where they discriminate people who aren't perfect and help only the genetically modified to succeed. On the other hand Vincent, the main protagonist shows us that there is also room for being different through his strong determination to achieve his goals. Eugene, also known as Jerome morrows also shows that even if you are perfect, it doesn't mean you will succeed in the world of Gattaca.

There is no room for individuality; everyone has to be perfect to be successful in the world of Gattaca. Valids (people with their DNA engineered) and invalids (God child) are treated differently. Invalids are inferior to valids, and are also considered sick and degenerated. They are excluded from the society of perfect human beings.

Job interviews in Gattaca became DNA testings to see how good your genes were, it became just the matter whether your genes were good or not. 'We now have discrimination down to a science'. This quote in the film means that people that aren't genetically modified are not accepted in the society of Gattaca. Not being perfect meant that, you couldn't be successful and therefore having no room for individuality.

Vincent Freeman proved that even though the world of Gattaca is perfect, there is also room for individuality. Vincent had a severe heart disorder at birth meant that he was doomed to failure from the moment he was born, despite that he was able to succeed in the world of Gattaca. By taking Eugene's identity and believing that he could succeed through strong willpower helped him reach his dreams, by going to titan. 'Remember...