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The First scene opens with a voice over. Vincent also known as Jerome Morrow explains his experience and triumph of changing his invalid identity into a superior valid who at birth was conceived the "natural way". Good Morning Class and I am here today to give you a detailed analysis of the first scene in Gattaca, where Vincent Anton describes his feelings of jealousy and hatred of his life in particular being "discriminated down to a science". The first segment involves Jerome Morrow happily looking up through the window at the rockets being launched to space. For Jerome this is his only dream to freedom. Andrew Noccol known as the director included various close ups of the rocket. This is to verify to the audience, that Vincent's only priority is to disguise himself as Jerome Morrow who is currently living life on wheelchair, Vincent has to go through extreme measures to pass all tests by seeking perfection.

The window frame that is clearly being shown indicates to us that currently Vincent's life is like living in a prison. No matter how hard Vincent works he is rejected by schools and by employers. He observes, "My real resume is in my cells". Colour is an important technique that has been used throughout this film. In this scene we also see young Vincent walking as a child. Niccol has used a somewhat yellow or dark colour to highlight to the viewers that currently the world is not pure and pleasant for Vincent to live life to the fullest.

In this scene Jerome Morrow tells us in detail how and where he was conceived. "I was conceived in the Riviera", " They use to say that a child conceived in love has greater chance of happiness, they don't say that anymore". Clearly...