"Gattaca" Essay: 'Explain how director Andrew Niccol offers a warning about 'tampering with nature' through his film, Gattaca'

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Set in the not-to-distant future, the film "Gattaca" gives us a chilling yet eye opening glimpse of life bound by DNA. Children are perfected by genetic manipulation before birth and then born into a prejudiced society where DNA determines your social standing. The director, Andrew Niccol successfully expresses a bold warning about tampering with nature through his epic cinematography.

The film Gattaca offers a warning about 'tampering with nature'; it portrays the prejudices of life ruled by genetics and warns about a dysfunctional society. Underneath the layers of glamour and success handed to those who have been genetically modified lies another world, of in-valid citizens. Their genetic make-up suggests they are worthy of little more than cleaning windows. It is through the eyes of these in-valids that we are offered a warning about 'tampering with nature'. In the opening sequence of Gattaca we are shown the quote, "I not only think that we will tamper with Mother Nature, I think Mother Nature wants us to."

This theme runs throughout the entire film. The human obsession with perfection rules society causing all kinds of struggles. Vincent's story was an outstanding tale of one mans fight against science. Through Vincent's story the director, Andrew Niccol conveys a message to viewers about to kind of complexes science can burden us with. As humans continue to put more emphasise on the attractive, athletic and intelligent by rewarding them with riches, positions of power and responsibility genetic engineering becomes more of a reality. The film successfully puts across a warning, illustrating that even perfection has its flaws.

Vincent was naturally conceived and brought into the world, his future as an in-valid was certain from minutes after his birth. He grew up with his genetically perfect brother, Anton, and was brought up under the...