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Gattaca is a science fiction movie where the storyline revolves around genetics. It demonstrates the theory that natural birth of a child is uncommon, and genetically modified births are the way to the future, therefore trying to create the perfect human beings. The term Valid is used to describe genetically modified humans. In-Valid describes 'normal' human beings who aren't genetically enhanced.

The theories in the movie have a lot to do with the science of genetic engineering. Generic engineering is a common term for a technique in biotechnology of inserting desired genes from a chromosome into another one. This means you can choose what kind of baby you want e.g.) one without any genetic flaws, specific hair colour, height, weight etc.

The main character is Vincent Freeman. He is an imperfect genetic human (he has a weak heart, poor eye sight and a short life span) He has a brother named Anton who is genetically modified although he has flaws in his making.

They have abit of rival. For example, they have races at the shore to prove who is stronger and better.

Vincent's dream is to one day fly up into space. He has no chance at his dream since he is invalid.

Vincent meets a black market DNA specialist named German. German introduces Vincent to a valid, Jerome Morrow who exchanges his identity with Vincent's so that Vincent gets accepted onto Gattaca In exchange, Vincent pays him with money and also extends his friendship. Vincent (who has now taken on Jerome's identity) then lands a spot to join the crew to fly up to space and is given a chance to fulfill his dreams.

Everything goes well for awhile, until one of the mission directors gets murdered. The detective's suspects an Invalid since a strand of...