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"Gattaca and The Island depict worlds that seem totally scientific and rational yet passion and free will still prevail.' Discuss with reference to setting, characters, symbols/motifs and cinematography.

Gattaca (Andrew Niccol) and The Island (Michael Bay) both depict worlds where free will and passion prevails over the scientific and rational aspects of the world. Both films use the setting, characters, symbols/motifs and cinematography to show how passion and free will prevail. Through setting, characters, symbols and motifs both films show that passion and free will triumph over the science and rationality.

The setting is very important to the depiction of the world in The Island as it shows a certain change from the scientific and supposedly flawless world of the clones to the real and hard world outside the factory. The setting is less important in showing passion and free will prevailing over science and rationality in Gattaca as there is no real distinct change as it more focuses on the battle that the character 'Vincent Freeman' endures along with his supposedly perfect brother, 'Anton Freeman'.

That is not to say the setting has no impact on science vs passion, but it plays a much smaller part than it does in The Island. The Island portrays a world at the beginning of the film which is all perfect and clean, completely scientific. The world they live in is completely white and very aesthetic which makes it scientific and rational, but when the two main characters break out of the factory, the world is not as beautiful and appealing, it becomes a lot more real with red rocks and blue skies with clouds. In Gattaca there are many changes that happen of the settings, switching from the clean and precise world of the DNA 'perfect' specimen to the...