Gay Adoption: Question Of The Century

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What happens to the unwanted children? The undesirables. Un-adoptable. Kids with Down Syndrome. Kids in wheelchairs. Kids born to drug addicts. Kids with HIV. Kids who might die. Kids who still need parents. It takes a special kind of person to parent children like this.

Bert was one of those kids. But suddenly at ten yrs. old he is no longer testing HIV positive. It's a miracle. Bert can be adopted now. Bert's foster parents, who have been raising him from birth, are eager to adopt him of course. But they, the people who should have been the only choice, were denied. Because they're gay.

Bert has two parents, three brothers and a sister. They are the only family he has ever known. He has lived a stable happy life, thanks to his fathers care. But none of that matters to those who want Bert to be taken away.

All that matters is that he has two Dads.

Every year hundreds of children are denied loving homes, or the security of knowing that both parents are legally theirs. In Florida, lesbians and gay men are not able to adopt, well in many states such legislature is being considered.

The only thing this will accomplish is more children in foster care, or group homes. While many long term foster care homes are wonderful, there are far too many where care is inadequate, or they are simply doing it for the check they are getting every month, and group homes are not a place for a child to be raised at all. The one thing any doctor or researcher will agree on is that children need a loving family.

You may ask, then why do so many people think it is an unsuitable environment? There are certain arguments; such as that...