Gay and lesbian families.

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This article starts by saying that many people describe families only as a heterosexual marriage and blood ties. The author asks about adopted and foster children, gay and lesbian couples, and friends that are sometimes closer than relatives. What about those families? And what makes a gay and lesbian family? Does one member color the whole family gay or does every member have to be gay? Most people label a gay or lesbian family gay by the parents homosexuality but do these homosexual parents not go through the same struggles, joys, hopes, and fears like all parents? Stacey argues that gay and lesbian families are not deviant and are of large number. If the nongay public could drop the title of "gay and lesbian family" and their homophobias they would adjust to these new definitions of families that are breaking molds of society's norms.

Reaction a. New Learning: I just learned facts like when they first gay marriage was and how many rights movements gay and lesbians had actually been involved in and how long they've fought.

It really delved into the gay and lesbian family to show they are just like any other family and shouldn't be labeled as anything but a family.

Reaction b. Application of New Learning: I have a gay cousin that lives with his partner in a nice big house. Since he's my cousin, I've grown up around him and never knew he was gay until a couple years ago which allowed me to learn that you should never hold prejudgments against anyone because you'll never really get to know a person for who they are instead of what they are labeled. Gay and lesbian people are simply people like everyone else! They shouldn't be left out of families, marriages, or...