Gay and Lesbian Marriages in the United States

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Causal Argument Essay


Gay and Lesbian Marriages in the United States

In some places it is now legal to allow gay and lesbians to be married. This is a very controversial subject for several reasons. Some reasons are obvious and some are not so obvious. Since the beginning of time, marriage has always been defined as the unity of a man and a woman but now since gays and lesbians want to be able to be married, it changes the whole definition. Because of this, many people do not want it to be legal. In my opinion, it should be legalized because gay and lesbians are people also and they have rights too. There are people who have said it should be called a civil union instead of a marriage but there are those that no matter what it is called view it as wrong.

Some of the reasons these people do not want gay and lesbians to marry is that they believe it will erode the traditional marriage.

They believe that Adam and Eve being the first couple began the institution of marriage at the beginning of time. These same people believe that homosexuals are nothing more than people who are sinning against God. They say that if we allow them to marry then we are affirming their homosexuality and saying that even in God's eyes it is ok. Marriages over the years have mainly taken place in a church or at least with a preacher performing the ceremony. The traditional vows have been taken from scripture and used for several generations without much change. So these people who believe that homosexuals are sinning against God can not possibly agree with a marriage union between them.

Marriages have changed though over the years in the fact that at...