Gay and Lesbian Prejudice

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Gay and Lesbian Prejudice

Gay and lesbians should have the same right as every other American; after all this is the land of the free. Gay and lesbian prejudice is an ongoing issue in communities, in the work place and unfortunately sometimes results in hate crimes.

People in communities are not always agreeable to living close to someone who has a same sex partner or teen-agers having slept over with someone who is gay. Imagine being in the privacy of our home eating dinner, watching television, or even sleeping. Suddenly a rock gets thrown through the window with "faggot or dyke" written on it.

"A woman described how vandals filled her car with grass clippings, put nails in her tires, and spray painted queer all over my car." [...] "One woman described a series of incidents in which teenage neighbors vandalized her mailbox, threw rocks at her daughter dog feces on her front porch.

Another woman reported that a new neighbor took an immediate dislike to her and her female partner. He began an endless onslaught of verbal harassment, 'Dykes, sick love, queers and threatened them and their pets."(6)

Our schools are not a safe heaven for our children either. If a child is gay or a lesbian then they will be taunted because children do not like what they do not know. Life should not be this hard just to be who we are.

Having a good paying job with benefits is what every one needs to survive to put food on the table, clothing on our backs, having shelter, and other material things. Even though employers have on the applications "no discrimination" that is not always true. We as a society judge how people look or act. We judge people by their color, creed, religion, and sexual orientation.