Gay couples should not be able to get married and adopt a child.

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Elementary school and junior high school are the times in a child's life where he or she would get made fun of most. There is a lot of teasing, as well as, unnecessary words that are said to one another. During this period, a child must learn how to deal with words and how to stand up for himself or herself. However, if that child has a weakness, it would be a much harder time. Gay couples should not be able to get married and adopt a child.

Throughout many time periods in a child's life, that child experiences many words of ridicule. Elementary and junior high school are the times when these children start and become harsher. If a child comes from a gay couple, that child would get made fun of much more than a child from a straight or "normal" couple. It would be a greater task or even challenge for that child.

Children are very emotionally weak and anything said to them that is painful will be remembered in the future. This causes the child to grow up remembering a certain event that they can't let go. This also causes the child not to aspire to anything. This is resulting a subconscious feeling that they will be cursed at if they try to become something. Their self-confidence will decrease due to the negative words said at him or her which will trigger that child to grow up hating his or herself and maybe even all others that are surrounding him or her. On a more realistic note, children today can hardly take the pressures of life as is; if you add a weakness as your parents being gay, this creates a larger weakness and more room for being cursed and made fun of. If you add...