Gay Marriage

Essay by bnkeltner November 2006

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Marriage has been the bond between two people, mainly men and women, for as long as people can remember. A new form of marriage is being pushed for legalization by citizens of the United States. It is called same-sex marriage. Many dislike the idea of man and man or woman and woman wed under God because it goes against religion and morals. People believe it also raises too many issues. If we let gays and lesbians marry, then we will have to change the definition of marriage. Many do not understand that the definition of marriage has been changed many times in the past and marriage does not necessarily have to be done by way of religion. Refusing to allow any couple, whether same-sex or otherwise, who love one another, from being married is wrong. Marriage is a bond that commits two people together forever until death do they part.

It does not make a difference if it is man and man, man and woman or woman and women. Love is love and we cannot change it. Gay and lesbian marriages should be allowed because they want to show their commitment to each other, religion is not a part of marriage and the relationship is going on anyway why fight it.

Marriage is a way to show love, commitment and dedication when in a serious relationship. If two people have been in a loving relationship and want to be with that person for the rest of their lives then they get married. It bonds the two people together forever letting them grow old and happy together. When we think of a relationship we think of man and woman together happily in love, but there are forms of affairs, for example, gays and lesbians. There is love, connection and...