Gay marriage

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Homosexuality is everywhere. You can see it in books, on television, and most media outlets; it is quickly becoming a social normality. In light of this increased acceptance of same-sex marriage, the issue of whether or not to legalize gay marriage naturally arises. Massachusetts led the way when it legalized gay marriage. Some states such as New York and, most recently, California, have followed its footsteps and also recognized gay marriage or else taking steps to accept gay marriage while other states are considering laws and constitutional amendments banning gay marriage. Though some American citizens make a valid point in questioning the "traditional" values of marriage; if Americans carefully examine the situation, they should all be able to understand the importance of making same-sex marriage legal in the U.S.

Anyone who genuinely respects individuals' rights to make choices regarding their private lives should respect the right for same-sex couples to marry.

Protecting individual choice has always been a keystone in American life. It is what we fought for in the American Revolution and what allows us to claim the title "Land of the Free." It is therefore duplicitous and hypocritical to ban gays and lesbians from matrimony. "To deny them this right is to deny two adults the opportunity to fully express their love and deep friendship for one another in an everlasting bond" (Driscoll) If the government doesn't restrict murderers from marrying (Hulse), it seems silly to restrict gays from marrying. There are many shapes marriage can take without falling under social dishonor (Driscoll) such as convicted felons, different religions, intergenerational marriage, childless, and open marriages to name a few. So why put more pressure on gays for something beyond their control? Americans generally understand the importance of personal choice; they simply have yet to make the connection to...