Gay Marriage and Family

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Making gay marriage legal, and give these marriage rights as traditional families will have a negative impact to society but especially to children.

For five thousand years the overwhelming majority of the civilized world has defined marriage as the union of one man and one woman. And now, the family as we know it is about to end. Family is no longer the union of a mother, a father, and their children. Now, by San Francisco's Mayor unilateral decision, family is the union by a first and a second applicant. There are no more bride and groom spaces in marriage applications. Now it is a space for first applicant and another for the second applicant.

It has been established that children do best emotionally, academically, and physically in husband - wife households. Now, there are times when a mom or dad is absent because of divorce or death, but that is not an intentional attempt to deny children of either parent.

Gay households, on the other hand, intentionally deprive children of a same- or opposite-sex role model, trivializing the contributions of a mother and father.

And example cited by David Zweibel taken from the nineteen ninety two report to the nation, Beyond Rhetoric: A New American Agenda for Children and Families, the National Commission on Children noted (at page 253) that children are negative effected by the divorce, or fail to marry. A child with just one parent has six times more probabilities to be poor than children with both parents. This child also experience emotional and intellectual problems and has a greater risk to quit school or drug use.

In addition, I also read in a paper written by Suzanne Chamberlain that in a research made by gay supporters Judith Stacey and Timothy Biblarz for the American Sociological Review.