Gay Marriages Time For A Change In The Law

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Time For a Change In Marriages

Over time the law has been changed over and over due to the change of peoples attitudes and bias. We now are struggling over the law that only permits men and women to be married in holy matrimony. The law on this subject is extremely sketchy because it does and does not say that a man and man or a woman and woman can or cannot be married to one another. Some states have already issued marriage licenses to same sex couples, which the United States of America government has determined to be unlawful. I have great emotion of this topic because even though that I am probably one of thee most up tight republican and conservative out there I still believe that gay people should still have the same rights as every other American in this world today.

The law is the one thing that has been changing constantly over time.

From racial bias to gender bias against women and other racial classes and not giving them their equal rights. We have learned over time that as Americans we have changed and learned how to adapt to new and unusual situations. With same sex marriages people all over the world and the United States have started to adapt to the notion that yes they exist and they live like a normal person just like everyone else in this society. If laws can change from the racial to equal rights for women to be abolished I think that its only a matter of time before the world does recognize that we need to start changing our perceptions on how we think

Now even though there is what is called federal law, which concerns all Americans in each state. There is what is called state...