The Gay Nineties

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This book talks a lot about statistics and the science, politics, and research that they have done to prove that homosexuals, and their way of living is destructive to their heath.

The Bible is very clear about this issue. Leviticus 20:13. Homosexuals now days want people to believe that there is nothing wrong with them, (They did not choose to be this way, that is just how they were born).

Homosexuals want you to believe that it is a characteristic that is passed down through genes, like being short, or tall. That is BOLOGNA, in all caps underlined and italicized. The Politicians and the homosexuals are trying to, and so far have done a pretty good job of calling evil good, and good evil - as in (Isaiah 5:20). They are making the homosexuals look like the poor "underdog" - and since "we" "as a nation" usually all stick up for the "underdog" the homosexuals can come out in public with their wickedness and do whatever they want and get away with it.

If we speak against them we come out as the criminals because of hate crime laws. But if they come out and lash out at us they get away with it. Homosexuals are not only morally very wicked, un Godly, and SICK, but they are also extremely unpleasant to be around.

It's their whole way of living, everything they do revolves around them and their agenda, it controls them, it is their god. This book tells about what homosexuals do and why they are dying from aids, and what the percentages are for how long they live and why they have such a short life span and the health and hygiene issues and abuses that they bring on themselves.