Is Gay OK?

Essay by shayla625University, Master's September 2004

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I'm no expert on this subject matter but I'm sure that it is already an 'almost' normal' occurrence when we meet 'limp-wristed' baritones with curves on the street, at the mall, and even in our classrooms. In fact, in school, it is an everyday experience. I, for one, have many friends who are gays. And I respect them for it. But the issue I'll try to tackle here is, "Is gay ok?"

Before we can really delve deeper into the intricacies of the undecipherable world of gays and lesbians I believe we have to dig science on the question as to why there are homosexuals.

Studies in the West show that when men and women are sexually abused before the age of 12, 85% will get into abnormal sexual relationships and eventually become homosexuals.

Furthermore, it is predetermined that most males who lose their fathers at an early age, no longer have a male role model to look up to.

When they are exposed to how women talk, dress and act, it will restructure their identity and they begin to dress like women, too.

However, it is wrong to conclude that there are people who are born gay or lesbian. On the contrary, nobody is born gay, lesbian, homo or tomboy. There are many factors that contribute to the formation of the homo persona. One very significant factor is the family where we first begin to learn and shape our character. Other factors are the environment, friendship, and lastly, labeling. Because of the needs and insecurities during the growing up years, a person indulges in abnormal sexual relationships.

But the basic answer to the question why there are homosexuals goes back to the time when we were born. If is for the simple fact that we are all 'needy'. According...