Gay Rights

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Gay Marriage = Rights

Cited in the American Dictionary, "Marriage is the formal union of a man and a woman, typically recognized by law, by which they become husband and wife." The definition also says something along the lines such as, a long-term relationship between partners of the same sex. Several people are against gay marriage while there are others who are for it. Whether two people of the same sex want to marry should not be of anyone's concern. Why should the government control how a person should live his or her life when marrying someone for happiness? Homosexual couples should equally be treated the same way monogamous couples are treated. Matrimony within the same sex does not harm the public safety; instead, restricting it harms a person's individual right. In that case, every state should allow people to have the right to chose who they want to marry since it would not harm any one else.

The US Constitution allows equal rights to all of the citizens but it does not grant homosexuals any special rights such as the right to marry. Same sex matrimony is now legal in seven states while the other 54 states are in serious debate whether to legalize it or not. The six states that it is now legal in are, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Iowa, Vermont, New Hampshire, Washington, D.C. and recently New York. Connecticut's highest court ruled, 4 to 3, that excluding same sex couples from marriage was unconstitutional. With this law passed no civil union license has to be filed, instead all civil unions had turned into marriages.

As of October 2008, Connecticut became the third state to legalize gay marriage. Any couple regardless of gender could marry in Connecticut, as long as they follow certain requirements. These requirements include,