Gay Rights and how there being Exploited

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Triniity Rhein

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It is obvious that homosexuals have had a lot to endure socially, politically and ecomanically. Socially, it's hard to tell someone you are gay for fear of being ostracized, harassed or beaten. It is something that people are told is wrong and unnatural by authority figures the church and sometimes even in school. It is just now that people are coming to grips with the fact that homosexuality is biological not psychosomatic. Gays are treated as lopsided stereotypes in the world of film and television, much likes blacks were for the first part of the twentieth century. Blacks however could not hide the fact that they were black to escape discrimination. Whereas, some homosexuals hide their needs for a lifetime turning them into withered depressed people, simply because of a mass of gross intolerance. They are constrained to abdicate their true lifestyle.

Politically, gay issues go unnoticed by the government because of the strong distaste for them and their causes.

Gays are one of the most politically active groups in the world, and so are blacks. They have to be because it is much harder for these two groups to get heard. Constant parading and marching are both means used to gain attention by both groups and both should be commended for it.

Economically homosexual groups have problems. Gays can not marry legally in the U.S. except for Hawaii. This denies gay couples around the country the freedom given to married straight couples. For instance certain visitation rights if their loved one is ill, tax breaks for married couples and lots more.

There are also abolitionists against homosexuals. Mainly one stands out. Religious conservatives, most of whom favor reserving special rights for heterosexuals. They would restrict the rights of individual gays, lesbians, bisexuals and of same-sex...