Gay's Should Be Allowed to Marry

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Greg Booth

Mrs. Mohr

Composition 112

7 March 2004

Gay Marriages: The Choice that Should Remain Available

Many people do not believe gay marriages should be allowed. Every person in the world has the right to choose their life partner; whether he or she is of the same gender or not. Homosexuals are no different than anyone else. Gay and lesbian marriages deserve the same respect and social rights that heterosexual marriages provide for the couple. They are often set apart from straight married couples; which reduce the amount of recognition that should be awarded to the couple.

Gay marriages are being viewed with a limited view of rights as far as social and judicial laws are concerned.

"It's a principle now well established around the country. Several cities have 'domestic partnership' laws, which allow relationships that do not fit into the category of heterosexual marriage to be registered with the city and qualify for benefits that up till now have been reserved for straight married couples" (Sullivan 659).

Many benefits are only available to heterosexual marriages and do not apply to lesbian or gay couples. "They are excluded from many of the benefits of marriage, such as child custody and adoption, insurance benefits, and inheritance. In some cases, people may lose their jobs or homes by revealing that they are homosexual or bisexual" (McNaught 69). Most states have not accepted equal rights for gay marriages. "Only a few jurisdictions have laws prohibiting such discrimination, and some of these laws are currently under challenge" (McNaught 69). Hawaii has passed a law that denies gay marriages in hopes of influencing other states to do the same.

"So far, only Vermont allows same-sex couples to tie the knot with its civil union law. The law confers many of the same benefits...