Gays in Adventure Education

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Outdoors Experience For Gay Men Young people growing up face many pressures in life, and struggle through times of questioning themselves in who they are as individuals and question their meaning in life. This is part of growing up, and a major pat of adolescence Being a gay man in society is not always easy. Often gay males may not be as acceptable in society as being gay women. The stereotypical images of "being a man" are often duplicated as being big, strong, masculine, macho, overbearing with no or little emotion, playing sports, driving big trucks. These are simply images of what society has called "the norm" for a man. Men are however not all like this. They come in all shapes; colors, backgrounds and some have different sexual orientations. To some people in society, being of a different sexual orientation than others is considered to be wrong and is often times not easy for some people to come to terms with.

Identity is not a choice; it is something you are born with. Acceptance of ones identity takes time for everyone and for some it can take a whole lifetime.

It takes some men down to paths that are hard to get out from. Low self esteem, body image, isolation, personal safety are just some examples of what gay men go through. These are un-healthy feelings. From research and experience, the outdoor setting is the ultimate healer and it shows people how to empower themselves back into a more positive focused way of life. Bringing this population into the outdoor setting is a form of therapy that I believe to be highly effective. The outdoor setting provides a place for self-enrichment and personal growth. People come out stronger mentally, physically and emotionally than they did before they came in.