Gays In The Military

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The United States is founded on the ideals of freedom. Included in these ideals is being able to choose your sexual preference without consequence. Right now, employers are not supposed to discriminate against an employee for his or her gender, race, or sexual preference. Therefore, it seems plainly obvious that when a person joins the military his or her rights, as an employee of the government, should be honored.

        As of now there is a controversy over gays in the military. The opposision to gays being allowed in the military, argues that there could be problems in combat, or even in times of peace where soldiers do not feel comfortable around those other soldiers with a known sexual preference for members of the same sex. Accordingly, the trust and uniformity of troops is weakened, thus weakening the strength of our overall military power.

        This arugument, though it may bear some small relevance, is not supportave of our consitution which calls for equal rights and living for all Americans.

The Congress has voted against gays in the military in 1996 but Bill Clinton made an agreement to have a "don't ask, don't tell, don't persue " policy which is apropriate. In a one of a few questions answered in a email I sent to an army service office about the "don't ask don't tell policy" he regarded, "The system to be satisfactory for now, but something more permanent and more outlined was needed". Military leaders like General Colin Powell admit that sexual orientation is not tied in with their jobs, but it is reported that leaders routinely look the other way while service members are scrutinized about their sexual orientation, and sometimes the other way around.

        For those those who have come out they are almost always discharged as their only...