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Lamps of the soul, lighthearted and bold.

Confessions of the heart...they hold...

Whispered melancholy...deeply concealed,

Betrayal has led to a secret shield.

Revealed..the dark shadow of need,

A child like innocence..finally freed.

Raging stoms linger..but never disclosed,

A craving...savage and

Passion...deep and riveting casy my way,

Pure fragility;guarded...but here to stay.

Forseen..the look of a love..lost,

Envisioning any cost.

Fearless..yet afraid and shy,

Questions, unanswered..these lamps never lie.

In them, everything I long to be,

Emotions..surround and embrace me.

A pleading gaze....rare and kind,

The most beautiful view I will ever find.

Copyright ©2004 Robbie Leigh