GCSE Coursework:Frankenstein:how does mary shelley manipulate your responce to the characters of Frankenstein and his monster as the story develops?:For this i got a grade A/A*.

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How does Mary Shelley manipulate you response to the characters of Frankenstein and his monster as the story develops?

The opening paragraph sets the scene for the story. It does this from the start when it begins with. 'a dreary night in November.' This creates a sense of winter with connotations of coldness, darkness and a time of death. It's also a classic setting for a horror novel. The word 'dreary' I think is an effective adjective and creates a clear sense of the miserable atmosphere. Another effective line is 'It was already one in the morning' This shows that it is night time which is the time of the supernatural. It also says. 'the rain pattered dismally against the panes' The word dismally is an effective adverb and creates a sense of the atmosphere being wet, lifeless and unpleasant. From all this I can see that the opening paragraph uses a number of generic conventions of horror novels.

Frankenstein narrates Chapter Five we see all of the events through his eyes. We are not encouraged to feel sympathy for the monster, because Frankenstein directs our response. He Describes his creation as a 'thing' a 'catastrophe' a 'Wretch' and a 'Demoniacal corpse'. The monster's appearance was not as Frankenstein had intended. 'His limbs were in proportion. He had yellow skin, which barely covered the arteries and muscles underneath. His hair was a lustrous black, and flowing. His teeth were pearly white. But this formed a horrid complexion with his eyes that were the same colour as the dun-white sockets in which they were set and it had a shrivelled complexion and straight black lips'. Frankenstein thought that his creation would be beautiful. But when the monster was created he thinks that it is a catastrophe and generally regrets ever...