GCSE law courswork: Solicitors and Baristers.

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There are two types of legal professions in law which are solicitors and barristers.

A solicitor's work is very spread out and different from a barristers work, if someone is having legal problems like getting a divorce they can go to a solicitor and get information and legal advice on how to get a divorce, the client will get charged per hour by the solicitor for the time and if the client doesn't pay the solicitor can sue him and claim his money in court.

Most solicitors deal with legal aspects and some might deal with sole trader businesses e.g. if a sole trader business is thinking of forming a partnership they might get a solicitor to do all the legal work by making them sign contracts and informing them about how the prophets and investments can be divided.

A solicitor may never attend court, they mostly handle documents and mainly help their client to win a case in that area and they might also interview a witness to help the client with the case.

A barrister mainly conducts cases in court but a solicitor probably won't enter any court except the magistrate's court which a solicitor has to go to for transferring ownership etc. but if they have to enter court they have to get the certificate of advocacy and they have to achieve that they passed an examination.

All solicitors joined and are controlled by their own professional body which is called the law society which deal with the complaints and other types of problems a solicitor has for example if a client has had bad advice from a solicitor the client can sue the solicitor and the law society can strike solicitors off for bad advice.

The law society also sets out exams and training which are...