GE's Two-Decade Transformation: Jack Welch's Leadership

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GE's Two-Decade Transformation: Jack Welch's Leadership

1. Jack Welch's leadership style can be described as very influential while at the same time challenging. During his tenure as CEO of GE, Welch has motivated and influenced many of his employees and he has challenged them to be the best that they can be. His leadership style was one where he expressed a strong commitment to values and he always tried to instill a sense of importance that his management team lives the GE values. Welch's leadership style was very effective in creating strong management teams and keeping the right people around that would contribute to the success of the company.

Welch's leadership style can be compared to Steve Job's leadership style as he organized and transformed Apple as state in our text under Organizational Insight 1.1. Just like Jobs, Welch was never distant ad he ultimately had a hand in every aspect of GE. As GE was moving from their present state into a better future state, Welch's leadership was evident in every project that the business pursued. He used the culture and structure of the organization to change it so that they can achieve their future goal. Whenever there was a new project, he created strong management teams that would lead the project teams to work effectively. As a leader, he gave managers the autonomy to put his values into practice. He communicated his vision to them and let them work on effectively achieving that vision.

Welch's effect on organizational culture was positive in many ways. When Welch became CEO of GE he lacked some of the skills and knowledge to manage the organizational structure and culture effectively. As he understood the organizational design that GE was facing, he changed it step by step in...