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In addressing the case materials the following observations are being evaluated. An assumption is a proposition that is taken for granted, in other words, that is treated for the sake of a given discussion as if it were known to be true. In logic, more specifically in the context of natural deduction systems, an assumption is made in the expectation that it will be discharged in due course via a separate argument (2006). Assumptions seem to cause undue stress and ruin commaderie between teammates at AcuScan. Each Kelly, Pat, Cliff and Chris have made assumptions based on their conversations and email exchanges in regards to the iScanner product line. Each assumption will be acknowledged, explained and will be signified as sound vs. unsound as well as logical vs. emotional in nature. Delineating the assumptions will assist in properly addressing them to alleviate future problems.

* Kelly Thomas (4)

1. Assumes Marketing people don't seem to have any understanding of software

2. Assumes they are making it up as we go along and didn't pay attention during development

3. Assumes they are putting theirselves on the line with this project and can't maintain the level of customer service expected by clients

4. Assumes conversing with Pat will only lead to arguments

5. Assumes Pat knows nothing about Quality Control

6. Assumes Pat went behind his back to the programmers

* Pat Lambert (6)

1. Assumes that certain employees don't see the path of the launch of the product

2. Assumes there is a conflict between the Marketing and Product Development departments

3. Assumes that AcuScan programmers are the best

4. Assumes Kelly thinks he's ignorant based on the QC comment

5. Assumes Kelly undercut him with Chris

6. Assumes the need for Contractors because the problem cannot be solved internally...