GEN480 Learning Team Consulting Firm Paper

Essay by BWMP September 2006

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Executive Summary

"The Visions" Consultants is a consulting firm consisting of four vastly experienced and motivated individuals that unite their personal and proficient education and experiences into a stimulating new workplace focused on how to provide and present the knowledge and reasons for having a great skin care plan in place. The team is making the most of their University of Phoenix education joined with their vast workplace experiences and their personal individual hobbies to produce a setting of improved morale and increased productivity. "The Visions" Consultants center on four main divisions of a workplace; which are Management, Finance, Information Technology, and Marketing. The team will demonstrate how ideas such as flexible work hours, employee recognition, the ability to interact with magnificent people, and the ability to have an uncapped income can improve the work setting. Using training, group meetings, and incentives, "The Visions" will provide the knowledge and tools to implement workplace environment changes and great skin care that will yield a positive return for the organization and its employees.


When a group of individuals decides to follow a new business opportunity as a result of becoming consultants, they obtain new control of their lives. This team has reviewed how it can leverage its professional skills and combine them to personal interest to develop an exhilarating new firm. The Visions consist of of four equal partners committed to promoting how to provide and present the knowledge and reasons for having a great skin care plan in place for employees and employers from all lifestyles. The team feels very enthusiastic of the firm of choice and looks forward to all the challenges and rewards this new opportunity has to offer.

Skills Assessment

Throughout the course here at the University of Phoenix the learning team has acquired and enhanced some...