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There is a major difference between sex and gender. Gender is culturally and socially learned behavior which is applied to a sex. Sex refers to the biological makeup of a human. Gender identity is a term that describes what gender a person identifies with. In some cases, a person might identify with the opposite gender that they are culturally learned to identify themselves with. Each culture has a different set of cultural constructs. Cultural constructs are a set of rules or behaviors that each culture finds acceptable for a certain sex to act and apply to their life. Gender roles often vary through cultures. Gender dominance is usually found in communities where there is a strong influence on the people by their political government. Different subsistence patterns show a similar arrangement of the gender roles that they apply to their life as well.

Gender affects individuals in many ways that are taken for granted due to the fact that gender is introduced to an individual in a very early stage of their life.

What distinguish men from woman are biological differences. "Sex" is the biological differences between a man and a woman. Often time's people will use the term "gender" to describe a male or a female; when in reality, gender and sex are not the same thing. While the term sex refers to the biological differences between a male and a female, gender has absolutely nothing to do with the biology or autonomy of a human being (What id the Difference Between Sex and Gender). According to the book "Cultural Anthropology" by Nancy Bonvillain, "gender refers to the roles that people perform in their households and communities and the values and attitudes that people have regarding...