Gender And The Media

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Where does society learn to dress, how to act, and what to like? The media influences society on all of these things and more. The media does not portray men and women as equals and it reinforces stereotypes such as male dominant female submissive.

The television, radio, music, and magazines persuade society on how to function, through these four types of media we are influenced to conform to their standards, and believe what the media tells us too.

Music videos contain frequent references to woman portrayed as sexual objects. This portrayal of women as toys to man, prizes to be won, may lead to the disempowerment of women in sexual relationships. Especially rap/hip hop music videos are particularly explicit about sexuality. A video by Lil' Wayne or Puff Daddy shows the audience, the world, what a role of a man and what a role of a woman should be in society.

Obviously the media creates these male dominant/female submissive roles. An individual in today's society observes this, and vicariously his/her sub-conscience that individual may start to feel that what they saw is the correct way to function in society. Music videos are now available on at least 4-5 major cable networks; these may be influential sources of sexual information for adolescents. Music videos often contain sexually explicit images, and basically the reason it's viewed is because it's what the viewers want to see. Sex sells! The media is all about business, what would be most entertaining for the public. This is a description of an average male dominant/female submissive music video. Women running around in skimpy bikinis or very revealing clothing, they are thin with cleavage shown. If these women are not running around they are lying around or dancing provocatively. The male singers are surrounded around these women and...